Thursday, December 13, 2007

Another Cemetery Destroyed - Cemetery Law

I had a call earlier this week from a neighbor. She was looking for information on the Blanton Cemetery on Dodd Road: photos, lists of burials or anything else I could find. Using the Vockery cemetery books I was able to give her a listing of the names they found, but no photos. I've been in this cemetery and it was a mess, but I will also guarantee that there were many more than nine burials here. The nine names we had covered 40 years of burials and 8 different surnames. Sounds like a community cemetery to me.

My neighbor was very upset as some of her family was buried here. She has already called the Attorney General and local authorities. The stones are still there, but they were bulldozed into a big pile and the ground leveled. When I can get photos I'll post them, but now I wanted to post a link to a web page at U of L which compiles all Kentucky Revised Statutes regarding cemetery laws.

Time permitting I would also like to do deed research and see if the cemetery was excluded from the deed for the surrounding land. Any volunteers to do this research?

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