Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Would this work for MCHS?

I just ran across this on one of the archives blogs I read and thought it might be adapted for our historical society. I know we used to have an essay contest for students, maybe we could renew and expand on that. Of course, I have an ulterior motive. Material to fill 40 pages of Heritage Highlights twice a year.

Researching the North Country Writing Competition.

The purpose of the Researching the North Country Writing Competition is to encourage original research concerning the people, places, and institutions of Northern New York. Participants are particularly encouraged to make use of the collections of libraries, archives, and other cultural resources in the region as primary resource materials.

Submittals must represent original, primary research concerning historical events, persons, institutions, or organizations from any of the following counties: Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Jefferson, Lewis, Oswego, or St. Lawrence. Submittals must be no less than 1500 words. Previously published research is not eligible.

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